Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Wilderness Experience by Andy Crow

What could possibly possess 6 young adults and 3 fairly sane adults to paddle 100's of pounds of water food and gear through a buggy labyrinth of wilderness? Was it just to "get away from it all", or was it just for the adventure? We certainly had solitary times and many adventurous moments on our 54 mile paddle, this is true. But, we also journeyed through the wilderness to experience and be a part of a preserved ecosystem that allows plants and animals to thrive and prosper, which is a unique thing in a land full of strip malls, subdivisions and multi lane highways. 

The authenticity of Everglades wilderness allowed the expedition members a chance to return to a primitive mindset for just a little while. With nothing but the sound of paddles lapping the water, our internal dialogue switched from the fast paced and instantaneous developed world, to the subtle, raw world of the wilderness. Wilderness is more than a remote plot of ground, it exemplifies our roots and core as humans. It teaches and gives, as long as we keep these wilderness areas intact.

Wilderness trips are also incredibly fun with good company! Thanks Todd, Ryan, Liam, Ben, David, Sam, Connor and Lucas for an unforgettable Everglades expedition!

Andy Crow 

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