Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8 “Back to Civilization” by David Welsh

We awoke this morning, and the bugs had still not ceased to attack us. As soon as we stepped into the wet, dew-covered sand, we were swarmed. We packed our things as quickly as possible, and had breakfast. We were all amazed by a small scorpion that was meandering along the beach, which kept us entertained for a couple minutes before we left. We were all happy to be away from the bugs, and into the water again. Through Ryan’s radio, and talking to people on our trip, we heard that the water would be rough and that there is a storm coming tonight and tomorrow. Todd and Ryan had made sure that if something happened, we would have enough time to make it back. They planned two 5 mile days at the end of the trip, and so today, instead of breaking that up into two days, we did it all to get back in time for the storm. We paddled into the marina and put our canoes onto racks that awaited us on the shore. To finish off our trip, we all finally saw a crocodile sitting in the marina. We all felt as if the trip was now completed.
We set up our tents back in the flamingo camp sight from the first night, and taking hot showers, finally, was extremely relieving. Now, we all await a windy night, away from the bugs for a good nights sleep.


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