Sunday, January 8, 2012

Continuing the Journey by Liam Baldrige

After two days of work in the swamp, 54.5 miles of paddling, swarms of bugs, and a few other unexpected surprises our expedition was completed. This was the first big trip our corps group has gone on. I think we were all a little unsure of what was to come but it ended up a big success. Our trip taught us all a lot. Not only of new species and plants but it gave us experiences that we will never forget. The 10 day trip, including inside jokes, rough times, and team work, brought us all closer. Also, after seeing all of this protected land, I acquired a better sense of what conservation entails. It is much different from the wildlife we see around our houses. Instead of seeing the usual turkey vulture or a grackle we would see a variety of wading birds such as egrets and ibis as well as osprey carrying fish they caught from the ocean. This memorable trip was a great learning experience and has sparked our interest in conservation even more.

Share the Journey,
Liam Baldrige

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