Monday, January 2, 2012

Back in Flamingo!

Greetings Followers!

The entire expedition team is alive and well.  That is right, all made it, and not only survived the journey, but THRIVED on the journey!

The reason we completed a day early is due to a front moving in and the fear that if the predictions held we could have been stranded out unable to paddle in.  So a team decision was made last night after checking on weather to push on with one long day and complete our trek.  Crew members are tired but in great spirits.  This particular "old" crew member is also feeling the past week's miles (but very high spirits!).      

We have many photos and video clips from all expedition members (multiple cameras) from the past several days.  As a team we decided that it all needs to be compiled and evaluated by all for the blog.   So please stay tuned and check in regularly on the progress.  I can assure you it is very BLOG worthy!!!

Many highlights to share and as this evening proved the adventure is far from over!

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