Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Night On the Chickees: Day 4(Part 2) 12.29.11 by Liam Baldrige

After lunch, we paddled for roughly three hours to arrive at the South Joe River Chickee. On the way we traveled through the White Water Bay and the Joe River, stopping at a few peninsulas in order for all of us to stick together. As many others, the South Joe River Chickee is a sheltered dock made a few yards from the coast. We set up our tents on the dock and started cooking dinner.

The entire day we were all searching for manatees and other wild life but did not see much besides a few jumping fish. Fortunately, just before dinner, two bottled-nose dolphins swam by and we all hurried to get our cameras. After a chicken, tuna, and mashed potato dinner we gathered in the center of the chickee and learned what our route was for the rest of the trip.

The plan is to stay on another chickee tomorrow and then coastal beaches for the last three nights. While everyone started to settle down Ryan pulled out the chart and taught us how to read nautical charts and the best way to navigate our particular route.   

-Liam Baldrige

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  1. Great post. The photos make me feel like I'm your floating camp