Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7 Part Two “Paddling, Bugs, and Raccoons” by Liam Baldrige

After lunch we had 6 more miles of coastal water to paddle. We got there and rinsed off in the Florida Bay. At this point the bugs were bearable. Those who hadn’t, finished their video blogs and we had dinner. Shortly after the wind died down and the no-see-ums and mosquitoes started coming out. They came in a swarm and were so bad that we were forced into our tents.
This was around six. It is now 8:40 and we are still trapped in our tents. Well, everyone besides Ben Gangaware. He claims that they weren't biting anymore. To make things worse, a raccoon came to our campsite a few minutes ago and forced us out of the tents to scare it off. Fighting off bugs we put all the food away and repacked everything tightly so that it would not be able to get anything. Now after 15 minutes of bug killing in the tent, we are ready to go to bed.
- Liam Baldrige

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