Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 6: Part One by Ben Gangaware

This morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise.
Our breakfast consisted of PB and J on a whole-wheat bagel (same as every morning, but is always delicious). After breakfast we packed up and headed out. We were leaving the Oyster Bay chickee and heading to a beachfront campsite that hugs the Gulf of Mexico. As we made way to the Gulf of Mexico the muddy mangrove forests became sandy beaches.

Today as we were leaving the little shark river we saw manatees and bottle nosed- dolphins. One thing that is driving me crazy is the bugs especially the no-see-ums. They are the worst. The bugs completely feasted on everyone last night. Setting the all the bug torture as side tonight is going to be a great happy New Year can't wait.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! to who ever reads this.

Ben Gangaware

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