Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Encounter with the original, "Swamp Ape." by David Welsh

Day 2 (part 2)- 12.27.11

            After our awesome bird watch, we went into a nearby shop at the visitors center and grabbed a cold refreshing drink after the hot 2 hour walk.  We walked back to our camp site and had a delicious lunch consisting of cheese pepperoni, and tortillas. We filled our stomachs, and enjoyed the view of the Florida Bay. After lunch, we went back to the shop where we bought our drinks, and met Tom Rahill, a “swamp ape”. 
Meeting "Swamp Ape" Tom Rahill

This is true HMCC Teamwork
We split into two cars to drive to the canals to start work. We split up into aluminum small boats. We took out unwanted branches and cut off low trees logs that stuck out over the canal. We paddled back, and drove back to camp, and took showers.

 We feasted on rice and curry. Then, We all sat scattered across the camp site reading “A River of Grass”, tired, ready for work the next day.

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