Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finishing at Bear Lake and Feeling the Call of the Wilderness by Lucas Wessner

Day 3 12/18/11 Part 2
After lunch we came upon an obstacle in the canal. A red mangrove blocked any canoes or kayaks from getting through. We spent a good time sawing and clipping away at it until it was no longer an obstacle. Afterwards we tied up our canoes to shore and walked to Bear Lake, where we were finally exposed to sunlight after spending several hours in the dense forest.
The lake was very large and did not smell nearly as bad as the canal. In the distance a few of us spotted a fairly large splash. I can’t wait to get onto to our canoes tomorrow to see some of this wildlife up close. After heading back to our canoes and paddling back to the cars, we split up. Some of us went with Tom and others went with Todd since we can’t all fit in one car. I happen to go with Tom. He decided to drive us to where the destination of our trek will be. He told us all types of stories and filled us with lots of life lessons. He seems to have experienced a lot in his life, and for this reason he does not fear death from the dangers of his job. What I get out of his stories is, if you don’t try you’ll never know. For example, some people stand at the edge and try to experience things from a distance. There may be some dangers, but unless you really put the fear behind, you’ll never know. I like to think of our trek that way. I don’t feel I’m truly experiencing the Everglades at this point. I can’t wait to depart for our trek tomorrow where I know I will experience the Everglades.
-Lucas Wessner

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